Veri Shades are a game-changer, combining the plush feel of curtains with the practicality of blinds, a must have for any home.

Veri Shades are the Ultimate Combination of Elegance & Versatility

Veri Shades are a game-changer, combining the plush feel of curtains with the practicality of blinds. This innovative window furnishing is gaining immense popularity across Australia, transforming homes, apartments, and offices. But why are they right for your home?

Are Veri Shades Worth It for Your Home?

If you’re on the hunt for window furnishings that deliver the best of both worlds – curtains and blinds – then look no further. These versatile coverings grant you effortless control over the light entering your room with a simple twist of the wand. You can choose to pull the shades wide open to enjoy full sunlight or filter light through the panels according to your preferences. Veri Shades are all about creating versatility so you can enjoy your space.

Veri Shades are known for their remarkable functionality and aesthetic appeal. They can turn any room into a dreamy oasis with elegant fabric draping that lets in gentle strips of light during the golden hours. These shades are ideal for both living rooms and office spaces.

For those who prefer total darkness, Veri Shades offers a range of darker hues like Slate and Charcoal, perfect for private rooms or bright spaces where glare is a concern. They also come with blockout fabrics, making them ideal for home cinemas or TV rooms.

What’s more, Veri Shades are highly durable. Crafted from top-quality fabrics, they are long-lasting and backed by a Limited Lifetime Guarantee. This longevity makes them an excellent choice for savvy shoppers. Veri Shades can be customised to suit various window sizes, fitting perfectly into your home or office. The absence of weighted chains and clunky cords ensures that Veri Shades are virtually silent, even on windy days. So, Veri Shades aren’t just an elegant addition to your home; they’re a wise investment.

The Cost of Veri Shades

The cost of Veri Shades varies depending on the size of your windows and your specific requirements. Think of Veri Shades as sitting comfortably between blinds and custom curtains in terms of pricing. To get a more accurate estimate, we recommend scheduling a free in-home consultation with our team at Shut It Solutions. Our experienced consultants will provide guidance and support throughout the selection process.

Customise Your Ambiance

Veri Shades may not plunge your room into pitch darkness, but they are highly effective at keeping direct sunlight at bay. Crafted from soft fabric with alternating opaque folds, you can control the light levels by simply turning the wand. This unique design lets you filter light through the mesh fabric or block it entirely. You can even position them halfway to achieve partial light filtration. This level of light and privacy control sets Veri Shades apart from traditional blinds and curtains in Brisbane, catering to those who adore natural light.

Veri Shades are Low-Maintenance Luxury

Veri Shades are made from an easy-care fabric that resists soiling and fading over time. However, should you need to clean them, the process is straightforward. Individual folds can be easily removed for washing, or you can replace them within seconds. This convenience ensures that your Veri Shades in your Brisbane home always look their best.

The Veri Shades Verdict: Elegance Meets Practicality

Veri Shades are a cutting-edge window covering that combines aesthetic and practical value for your home or business. They come in various colours and textures, easily fitting into any home decor style. The Veri Shades are composed of 100% Polyester Woven Fabric, offering a soft, elegant appearance while being easy to maintain. This fabric is bonded with mesh, providing privacy while allowing light to filter through. The weight of the material is perfect for insulation against the outside heat or cold temperatures.

Your Nearest Veri Shades Supplier: Shut It Solutions

If you’re looking to purchase Veri Shades in Brisbane, Shut It Solutions is the go-to choice for all your window furnishing needs. With over 30 years of industry experience, we offer a wide range of high-quality blinds and curtains, including Veri Shades, to enhance any room’s style and functionality.

To make your Veri Shades journey as easy as possible, we’ve simplified the process. Contact our team to discuss where you can explore our diverse range of Veri Shades, ideally suited to any Brisbane home decor style. You can choose between manual and motorised options to align with your preferences.

Once you’ve selected your ideal style and fabric with one of our expert consultants, you can effortlessly schedule an appointment to measure your space and quote on your chosen design. We pride ourselves on quick turnarounds and exceptional installation services that create minimal disruption to your day.

Elevate Your Home with Veri Shades

In a nutshell, Veri Shades are more than just stylish; they offer elegance, functionality, and ambience all rolled into one.  Their unique combination of soft curtains and versatile blinds allows you to control the level of light, privacy, and style. The extensive colour options, fabrics, and silent operation, even on windy days, make Veri Shades a truly versatile choice. Their easy maintenance and cleaning ensure they always look their best.

Investing in Veri Shades for your Brisbane home is an investment in the elegance, functionality, and ambience of your living spaces. Don’t settle for ordinary window furnishings. Choose Veri Shades and embrace the extraordinary.

Ready to transform your space with Veri Shades? Reach out to the experts at Shut It Solutions today for a free at-home measure and quote. Elevate your Brisbane home by making Veri Shades a focal point of elegance in your space.

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