Builders Range for Blinds & Shutters

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Attention Builders in Brisbane, Ipswich, Springfield Lakes, Ripley, Toowoomba, The Sunshine Coast, The Gold Coast, The Northern Rivers, and The Tweed Coast!

Shut It Solutions is your ideal partner for both commercial and residential projects, offering a wide range of high-quality Awnings, Shutters, and Blinds.

Our stylish, affordable window furnishings are backed by impressive warranties, ensuring you and your clients receive the best in both product and service.

Why Choose Shut It Solutions?

Our extensive collection is designed to meet all your clients’ needs, from basic packages to high-end solutions. Whether it’s plantation shutters, Veri Shades, awnings, Zipscreens, roller shutters, or indoor and outdoor blinds, we have the perfect fit for every requirement. Connect with us to create customised client packages tailored to your specific needs.

Partnering with Shut It Solutions means earning more margin with less effort. We handle all aspects of window furnishings, allowing you to focus on other critical tasks as you prepare for handover.

Simply put, a relationship with us is your ticket to increased margins with minimal additional work. Reach out today to explore how we can support your business and enhance your offerings.

Builders Range for Blinds & Shutters

If you’re a builder in need of top-quality window coverings and shutters, Shut It Solutions is your go-to provider. Our exclusive Builders Range offers premium solutions specifically tailored for builders and developers. Combining quality, style, and durability, our comprehensive range ensures your projects are equipped with the finest window treatments.


Your Comprehensive Solution for Premium Window Treatments

Our Product Range

At Shut It Solutions, we understand the unique needs of builders. Our knowledgeable staff can read house plans, determine sizes, and provide accurate quotes via email. Builders often need to source quotes directly from house plans, and we’re here to streamline that process for you.

Our extensive selection of reliable, stylish products is backed by impressive manufacturer’s warranties, guaranteeing satisfaction and peace of mind. From basic packages to high-end solutions, our product range can meet all your clients’ needs. Contact us today to create customised client packages tailored to your specific requirements.

Why Builders Choose Shut It Solutions

  • Independently Australian Owned: The majority of our products are manufactured right here in Brisbane, ensuring quick turnaround times.
  • Value for Money: We offer superior quality products at competitive prices.
  • Quality Assurance: Our product quality is second to none, ensuring longevity and satisfaction.
  • Timeline Guarantee: We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines, setting us apart from the competition.

We are dedicated to earning your business. Contact us today to learn more about our range of interior and exterior blinds and shutter products.

Connect with Shut It Solutions – Let’s Create Magic Together!

Intrigued by our Builder Packages? Or have a vision you want to bring to life? Reach out to us.

Comprehensive Builder Package Deals for Awnings, Shutters & Blinds

Our package deals are designed to provide comprehensive solutions for builders. Some common package deals include:

  • Plantation Shutters & Roller Blinds: A popular combination for adding both style and functionality to homes.
  • Plantation Shutters & Curtains or Veri Shades: Perfect for achieving a sophisticated look with versatile light control options.
  • Any Internal Product + Any External Product: Ideal for modern interiors and exteriors, this package combines our high-quality products to offer sleek and practical window treatments, creating the perfect solution for your project needs.
  • Roller Blinds & Vertical Blinds: Great for covering various window types with a consistent style.
  • Roller Shutters & Vertical Blinds: Provides both security and aesthetic appeal for windows and doors.

Our entire range of products can be easily added to any package deal, ensuring a comprehensive solution tailored to your specific needs.

Our Builders Packages Can Include:

  • Internal & External Blinds
  • Plantation Shutters
  • External Aluminium Shutters
  • Awnings and Zipscreens
  • Retractable Flyscreens
  • Veri Shades
  • Roller Shutters

Our specialists are eager to guide you, ensuring your projects reflect your dreams. Embark on a transformative journey now!

Discover the Perfect Finishing Touch

Discover the perfect finishing touch for homes in Brisbane, Ipswich, Springfield Lakes, Ripley, Toowoomba, The Sunshine Coast, The Gold Coast, The Northern Rivers, and The Tweed Coast with Shut It Solutions. Offering a wide selection of custom-made blinds, awnings, curtains, and security solutions, we cater to the unique styles and needs of our local communities. Experience the difference quality and local expertise make in enhancing the beauty, comfort, and security of your homes.

Get in Touch

For an obligation-free quote, simply fill out our enquiry form and upload your house plans. Our consultants will provide a detailed price and return it promptly. Whether you build five or five hundred homes annually, you need to talk with Shut It Solutions now!

Explore Our Bespoke Indoor and Outdoor Window Treatments

At Shut It Solutions, we are passionate about providing bespoke indoor and outdoor window treatments that transform living spaces. Dive into our curated collection of blinds, shutters, and awnings, each echoing the pinnacle of quality, ensuring your homes stand out.

Office Staff Expertise

Our office staff have the ability to read house plans and work out sizes and prices to offer quotes via email. This expertise ensures that you receive accurate and timely quotes, helping you stay on schedule and within budget.

Comprehensive Range for All Needs

Attention all architects, designers, engineers, specifiers, and builders! Shut It Solutions supplies a range of complete packages of interior window coverings and external security screens. With a comprehensive range of interior products, including vertical blinds, venetian blinds, roller blinds, and panel glides, we have all your interior window furnishings covered. Our exterior range includes standard traditional fly and security screens for windows and doors.

If you’re a builder or developer that constructs one or five hundred plus homes per year, then you need to talk with Shut It Solutions now. We want your business and we are prepared to earn it. Value for money, quality that is second to none, and a timeline guarantee is what sets us apart from the competition.

To find out more about our range of interior window coverings and security products, contact us now.

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