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Discover the Ultimate in Outdoor Comfort and Elegance with Shut It Solutions’ Premium External Blinds

Ready to transform your outdoor area with Shut It Solutions Outdoor Blinds?

Discover the Ultimate in Outdoor Comfort and Elegance with Shut It Solutions’ Premium External Blinds

Transform your outdoor areas into luxurious retreats of comfort and elegance with Shut It Solutions. We stand as Brisbane’s top choice for superior external blinds. Offering an extensive collection of outdoor shading options, we are your ultimate solution for sun protection and privacy, tailored to make your outdoor environments both aesthetically appealing and highly functional.

shut-it-solutions-blinds-awnings-shutters-brisbane-ipswich-toowoomba-sunshine-coast-gold-coast-tweed-heads-northern- rivers-external-outdoor-blinds
shut-it-solutions-blinds-awnings-shutters-brisbane-ipswich-toowoomba-sunshine-coast-gold-coast-tweed-heads-northern- rivers-external-outdoor-blinds

Upgrade Your Outdoor Experience with Shut It Solutions

At Shut It Solutions, we combine beauty, resilience, and adaptability in our outdoor blinds collection, ensuring your spaces are safeguarded against Australia’s demanding weather while enhancing their aesthetic appeal. Our selection is vast, designed to fulfill every unique need:

  • Superior Material Quality: Our blinds are manufactured from top-tier materials, designed to endure the extremes of weather, ensuring durability and operational excellence for years.
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship and Service: Our team, renowned for their expertise, commits to providing custom solutions that align perfectly with your preferences. Precision in every measure, customisation, and installation is our guarantee.
  • After-Sales Support: Our relationship with you extends beyond installation. We offer thorough post-sale services to solve any issue or answer any question that might arise.
  • Expert Guidance: Our skilled team is always on standby to offer professional advice, helping you select the most suitable outdoor blinds for your space.
  • Proven Excellence: Our reputation in Springfield Lakes, Brisbane, and Ipswich as a leader in the industry is solidified by our extensive experience and the satisfaction of our clients.

Our Most Popular External Blinds



These external blinds are designed to seamlessly integrate into your space, providing protection from the elements while enhancing your outdoor aesthetics. Zipscreens are the best all around solution for protecting your outdoor area. Available in a vast range of different colours and fabric options, Zipscreens can be perfectly tailored to complement your home’s exterior while providing wind, rain and sun protection. One of the standout features of Zipscreens is their ease of operation. With motorization options, you can effortlessly roll down or retract your blinds with the touch of a button, adding convenience to your outdoor lifestyle.


Auto Roll Ups

When it comes to quick and easy sun protection, our Auto Roll Up Blinds are the go-to choice. These external blinds are designed for simplicity and efficiency. With minimal effort, you can roll them up or down to control the amount of sunlight entering your space. This makes them perfect for busy households where convenience is key.

Shut It Solutions Auto Roll Up Blinds are the perfect solution for ground floor window protection, Auto Roll Awnings are easy to use with the option to adjust with minimal effort and their robust construction ensures durability, making them a long-term investment in your outdoor comfort.

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Multi-Stop Channel Blinds

These external blinds offer a variety of positions to suit your preferences, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Whether you want full sunlight, partial shade, or complete privacy, Multi-Stop Channel Blinds deliver.

Ideal for balcony openings, these blinds are easy to operate, making them a user-friendly solution for those seeking adaptability in their outdoor spaces. The ability to twist and lock them in place provides you with a quick and easy way to adjust your outdoor protection, ensuring that your space remains comfortable, regardless of the weather.

Crank Operated Straight Drop

For those who appreciate classic design and timeless elegance, Crank Operated Straight Drop Awning Blinds are the perfect choice. These external blinds exude sophistication while delivering exceptional sun protection and are an easy and cost-effective way of adding weather protection and privacy to your home. The simple yet effective crank mechanism allows for easy operation, adding an air of refinement to your outdoor spaces.

Crafted with precision, these blinds are designed to withstand the test of time. Whether you’re looking to shade your patio, veranda, or alfresco dining area, Crank Operated Straight Drop Awning Blinds offer visual appeal combined with practicality.


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