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shut-it-solutions-brisbane-ipswich-toowoomba-sunshine-coast-gold-coast-tweed-heads-northern-rivers-wire-guide-outdoor-blinds (2)
shut-it-solutions-brisbane-ipswich-toowoomba-sunshine-coast-gold-coast-tweed-heads-northern-rivers-wire-guide-outdoor-blinds (2)
shut-it-solutions-brisbane-ipswich-toowoomba-sunshine-coast-gold-coast-tweed-heads-northern-rivers-wire-guide-outdoor-blinds (2)

Enhance Your Outdoor Space With Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds

Explore the Advantages of Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds from Shut It Solutions

  • Ideal for Hard-to-Reach Areas

  • Motorisation and Manual Control Options

  • Clean, Streamlined, and Secure

Our collection of made-to-measure Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds offers the perfect balance of privacy and light. Constructed from robust materials in contemporary colours, protect your outdoor space in style with our custom-made Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds.

Outdoor Wire Guide Blinds

Looking to protect your daytime privacy? Our extensive collection of Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds is designed specifically for patios and outdoor areas. Made from durable materials, these blinds protect your outdoor spaces from harsh UV rays, wind, rain, and heat all year round. They also minimise glare on sunny days, allowing you to dine al fresco without the intrusive sunshine. The Outdoor Blinds Wire Guides are designed to keep the blinds flush to your home, providing maximum heat and light control, and offering energy savings too.

Our Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds offer protection from the sun and rain, giving you peace of mind in style. Take advantage of our free in-home measure and quote service to add style and functionality to your outdoor area. These blinds, guided by stainless steel wires, are ideal for high openings requiring longer blinds.

Product Overview: Wire Guide Blinds

Featuring a sleek, modern, and unobtrusive appearance, this universal blind can be installed between posts, on the front of posts, without posts, or over windows. Available in either motorised or crank handle operation, these blinds can be locked in the down position using stainless steel dog clips.

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The wire guides keep the blind flush to your home, providing maximum heat and light control. The robust material, available in luxurious dark grey, complements any scheme. The open weave fabric allows you to enjoy the view while minimising glare.

Custom-Made Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds

Our custom-made Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds are designed to offer the perfect balance of privacy and light, allowing you to enjoy your space to the fullest. Protect your privacy and control your environment with our Outdoor Wire Guide Blinds. Our extensive collection includes solutions to protect your patios and outdoor living areas.

Perfect for areas lacking side posts for secure attachment, the Wire Guide utilises pre-tensioned side wires to guide the base rail, allowing the outdoor blind to be positioned at any height. Engineered for durability and quality, the Wire Guide outdoor blind provides premium shade and UV protection, effectively blocking up to 99% of sun, wind, and rain.

The Wire Guide allows you to maintain your view while enhancing privacy. Available in motorised configurations with remote control operation for added convenience, these blinds guarantee durability and are perfect for any exterior area, patio, or alfresco.

Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area with the sophisticated Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds from Shut It Solutions. Designed to blend seamlessly with your surroundings, these blinds provide a sleek and modern touch to any space. Whether you have posts, no posts, or need blinds over windows, our universal installation options ensure a seamless fit.


Experience the Elegance and Functionality of Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds in Brisbane

Shut It Solutions’ Wire Guide Blinds, guided by stainless steel wires, are perfect for high openings requiring longer blinds. These blinds offer robust protection against UV rays, wind, rain, and heat, ensuring daytime privacy and comfort. Our custom-made blinds are designed for patios and outdoor areas, minimising glare and providing energy savings by keeping the blinds flush to your home.

Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds – Ideal for Hard-to-Reach Areas

Wire Guide Blinds are an excellent choice for second storeys, decks, and balconies. The straight drop fitting style provides shade and privacy without bulky fixtures, ensuring a clean and streamlined appearance.

Motorisation and Remote Control options for Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds

Enhance your Wire Guide Blinds with custom-built motorisation and remote control options. Choose from wall-mounted, hand-held, or smartphone-controlled systems for effortless operation.

Easy-to-Maintain Beauty

Crafted with premium materials, Wire Guide Blinds by Shut It Solutions are virtually maintenance-free and easy to clean, making them ideal for hard-to-reach areas.

Features and Benefits of Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds

  • High-Quality Construction: Made with top-grade stainless steel components.
  • Unique Design: Features non-wearing stainless steel spring-loaded guides on the bottom rail.
  • Wide Coverage: Can span openings up to 5.8m in width, depending on the height (drop).
  • Flexible Operation: Crank handle or motor can be placed on either side of the blind.
  • Secure and Durable: Equipped with stainless steel dog clips for secure locking and tensioning, operated by a crank or motor.
  • Automatic Options: Motorised blinds can be fitted with optional sun and wind sensors for automatic operation.
  • Weather Protection: Optional modern, compact weather box available in four standard colours to enclose the top roll.
  • Recommended Use: Strongly advised to retract outdoor blinds in high winds and storms.

Optional Extras

  • Automatic Sensors: Motorised blinds can be enhanced with sun and wind sensors.
  • Weather Box: A modern, compact weather box is available in four standard colours to protect the top roll.

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