Shut It Solutions Motorised Zipscreen Extreme

– Ultimate Protection and Style!

Transform Your Outdoor Oasis With The Zipscreen Extreme

shut-it-solutions-brisbane-ipswich-toowoomba-sunshine-coast-gold-coast-tweed-heads-northern-rivers-zipscreen-extreme-motorised-outdoor-blinds (5)
shut-it-solutions-brisbane-ipswich-toowoomba-sunshine-coast-gold-coast-tweed-heads-northern-rivers-zipscreen-extreme-motorised-outdoor-blinds (5)
shut-it-solutions-brisbane-ipswich-toowoomba-sunshine-coast-gold-coast-tweed-heads-northern-rivers-zipscreen-extreme-motorised-outdoor-blinds (5)
shut-it-solutions-brisbane-ipswich-toowoomba-sunshine-coast-gold-coast-tweed-heads-northern-rivers-zipscreen-extreme-motorised-outdoor-blinds (5)

Protect Large Outdoor Areas with the Motorised Zipscreen Extreme

Explore the Advantages of Zipscreen Extreme from Shut It Solutions

  • Large Coverage Area

  • Complete Seal & Privacy

  • Motorised with Remote Control

The Zipscreen Extreme system is an enhanced version of the original, featuring super-sized components except for the tracks. Utilizing the same patented side-zip technology as the standard Zipscreen blind, this awning offers superior functionality. By adding an optional headbox, you can keep insects at bay and extend the lifespan of your fabric. The headbox shields against pollutants, birds, and other fauna when the awning is not in use. With the ability to span an impressive 7 metres in width and extend up to 5 metres in drop, the Zipscreen Extreme is perfect for enclosing, protecting, and adding comfort to even the largest outdoor spaces. It’s the ultimate outdoor blind.

Many new homes in Australia feature covered alfresco areas, ideal for outdoor dining. However, these spaces often lack adequate protection against flies, mosquitos, and other insects, which can quickly become uninvited guests at your gatherings. Traditional deterrents like citronella candles, mosquito coils, and sprays offer limited effectiveness. With the Zipscreen Extreme blind, you can create a strong barrier against these pests, ensuring you can focus on enjoying time with your invited guests and loved ones. Keep the weather and insects out while keeping the party going.

Choose Shut It Solutions – Brisbane’s Premier Zipscreen Extreme Supplier and Installer

Zipscreen Extreme: The Ultimate Solution for Outdoor Protection 

shut-it-solutions-brisbane-ipswich-toowoomba-sunshine-coast-gold-coast-tweed-heads-northern-rivers-zipscreen-extreme-motorised-outdoor-blinds (2)
shut-it-solutions-brisbane-ipswich-toowoomba-sunshine-coast-gold-coast-tweed-heads-northern-rivers-zipscreen-extreme-motorised-outdoor-blinds (2)
shut-it-solutions-brisbane-ipswich-toowoomba-sunshine-coast-gold-coast-tweed-heads-northern-rivers-zipscreen-extreme-motorised-outdoor-blinds (2)

Zipscreen Extreme: Bigger, Bolder, Stronger – BETTER!

The Zipscreen Extreme blind is the perfect choice for sealing out almost anything nature can throw at you. It provides shade, shelter, and protection effortlessly, making it an ideal addition to any outdoor space. Thanks to innovative engineering, the Zipscreen Extreme excels in wide open areas while maintaining a clean and simple aesthetic. Side-retention systems have become popular among homeowners, renovators, architects, and the hospitality industry due to their ease of use, flexibility, and variety of installation options. You can rely on the Zipscreen Extreme for decades of consistent performance with minimal maintenance required. Experience true reliability, guaranteed.

Year-Round Comfort

Transform your alfresco area with the Zipscreen Extreme awning. During the cooler months, these screens create a warm and comfortable living space by trapping air inside the enclosed area, significantly reducing air transfer. This trapped air can be heated or cooled to maintain a comfortable and relaxing environment year-round. By leaving the screens down during colder months, you create a buffer between your home and the elements, leading to reduced energy usage and lower carbon emissions. No matter the season or the size of your outdoor area, the Zipscreen Extreme has you covered.

Zipscreen Extreme: Superior Outdoor Protection

For spacious outdoor areas needing top-notch protection, the Zipscreen Extreme outdoor blind is the perfect solution. It offers an impressive coverage of up to seven meters in a single span, without the need for divider posts, making it ideal for pergolas, verandahs, and balconies. Enjoy year-round privacy and protection from the elements.

shut-it-solutions-brisbane-ipswich-toowoomba-sunshine-coast-gold-coast-tweed-heads-northern-rivers-zipscreen-extreme-motorised-outdoor-blinds (2)

Zipscreen Extreme: Key Features and Benefits

Product Highlights
  • Size: Spans up to 7 meters wide and 5 meters drop.
  • Insect Protection: Creates a nearly sealed space to keep insects out.
  • Climate Control: Blocks heat, glare, and UV rays; acts as a winter warmer by enclosing and heating outdoor spaces.
  • Operation: Motorized with additional control and sensor options.
  • Customization: Available in 5 standard powder coat colors and over 200 custom aluminium colors, along with numerous fabric choices.
  • Design: Utilizes patented side-zip technology and zLock for a complete edge seal.
  • Materials: Aluminum tube options in 110mm or 130mm diameters.
  • User-Friendly: No ropes, straps, or buckles needed.
  • Safety: Recommended to retract during high winds and storms.
Additional Options
  • Optional sun and wind sensors for automatic operation.
Remote Control Convenience

Powered by an Automate® motor, the remote-controlled Zipscreen allows you to adjust its position effortlessly with the touch of a button.

Innovation & Design Excellence

Our Melbourne-based Innovation & Design Centre houses advanced testing machinery and a dedicated team of over 25 engineers, designers, and technicians. With nearly four decades of research and development, each Zipscreen component undergoes rigorous testing, including 10,000 cycle tests, and comes with a five-year warranty.

Wind Tunnel Tested

A 2.4m x 2.4m Zipscreen Shade can withstand wind speeds up to 140 km/h. For safety, it’s recommended to raise the Zipscreen if winds exceed 50 km/h. Performance may vary based on application and structural fixings.

Energy Efficiency

The Zipscreen Outdoor Blind enhances your home’s energy efficiency by blocking unwanted heat in summer and maximizing sunlight in winter, ensuring a comfortable climate year-round.

Zipscreen Extreme Overview

The Zipscreen Extreme Blind is a robust version of the original Covered Zipscreen, designed for large outdoor spaces such as pergolas, verandahs, and balconies. It spans up to 7 meters in width and 5 meters in drop without divider posts, providing excellent protection from the elements. Its motorized operation and advanced zLock technology ensure ease of use and effective sealing against the weather, making it the largest and most efficient outdoor blind solution available.

At Shut It Solutions, we are committed to providing high-quality Zipscreen Extreme outdoor blinds and exceptional customer service across Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, The Sunshine Coast, The Gold Coast, The Northern Rivers & Beyond.

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