When it comes to simple but effective window coverings, there are two prominent choices—Veri Shades and traditional blinds.

When it comes to elevating the aesthetics of your living spaces, window furnishings play a pivotal role, seamlessly merging style with functionality. When it comes to simple but effective window coverings, there are two prominent choices—Veri Shades and traditional blinds.

Veri Shades: The Epitome of Elegance and Versatility

Veri Shades are a revolutionary window covering representing a fusion of curtains and blinds. This innovative design offers a delicate balance, combining the soft, flowing elegance of curtains with the practical functionality of blinds. You can read more about Veri Shades via our comprehensive guide.


Versatility Personified: One of the standout features of Veri Shades is their versatility. Positioned between curtains and blinds, they grant effortless control over the light entering a room, allowing for a spectrum of lighting options.

Customised Ambiance: The design of Veri Shades enables you to craft a personalised ambience. Whether you prefer full sunlight, filtered light, or complete privacy, these shades provide a level of control that surpasses traditional blinds.

Durable and Low-Maintenance: Crafted from top-quality fabrics, Veri Shades boast longevity and are backed by a Limited Lifetime Guarantee. Their low-maintenance design allows easy cleaning, making them a practical choice for busy households.

Safety First: Veri Shades prioritises safety by eliminating weights, chains, and cords, making them a child-friendly alternative. The fabric also provides 50+ UV protection, safeguarding your household and interiors from sun damage.


Limited Light Blocking: While effective in softening and reducing light, Veri Shades may not be as efficient as block-out blinds if your objective is to achieve complete darkness.

Natural Flow: The free-flowing nature of the blades results in a gentle twist rather than a straight hang. This might be a consideration for those desiring a more structured look.

Traditional Blinds: Classic Aesthetic and Functionality

Traditional blinds encompass a range of styles, including roller, vertical, and Venetian blinds. These have been a longstanding choice for window coverings, known for their classic appeal.


Proven Efficiency: Traditional blinds, irrespective of style, have a track record of effectively filtering light and ensuring privacy. Some blinds achieve full block-out status, providing complete privacy and light control.

Affordability: Blinds, in general, tend to be more budget-friendly compared to Shutters and some custom curtain options, offering a cost-effective solution for window coverings.

Varied Styles: Blinds come in various styles, from the timeless Venetian to modern roller blinds, providing options that suit different aesthetic preferences. At Shut It Solutions, we are here to help you find the perfect Blind for your style and home.


Operational Noise: Some blinds, particularly those with cords or chains, can produce noise when operated. This might be a concern for those seeking a quieter option.

Maintenance Challenges: Depending on the type, blinds might accumulate dust or require more intricate cleaning, which is not ideal for those seeking low-maintenance window furnishings.

Veri Shades vs. Blinds: A Detailed Comparison

Comparing Light Control:

Veri Shades excels in providing nuanced light control. The alternating mesh and privacy fabric sections allow the ability to adjust the light levels precisely. On the other hand, traditional blinds, depending on the style, can offer effective light blocking but might lack the subtlety of Veri Shades.

Style and Elegance:

With their soft, flowing fabric, Veri Shades add a touch of elegance to any space. The absence of visible cords or chains contributes to a seamless aesthetic. Traditional blinds, while classic, might present a more structured appearance that suits specific design preferences.

Child Safety:

For households with children, Veri Shades offers a safer alternative. Eliminating cords and chains reduces the risk associated with traditional blinds, making them a preferred choice for families.

Customisation Options:

When it comes to customisation, Veri Shades take the lead. The extensive range of colour fabrics and the ability to tailor them to various window sizes provide a high level of personalisation. Traditional blinds, while offering variety, might not match the same level of customisation.

Where Style Meets Functionality

In the dynamic world of window furnishings, the choice between Veri Shades and traditional blinds boils down to personal preferences and priorities. Whether you’re drawn to the innovative elegance of Veri Shades or the time-tested charm of blinds, Shut It Solutions stands as your trusted partner in Brisbane for all your window furnishing needs.

With over 30 years of industry experience, we offer a range of high-quality blinds and curtains, including Veri Shades, ensuring that your choice elevates both the style and functionality of your living spaces. Contact our team to explore the diverse range of options and embark on a journey to enhance your home with Shut It Solutions. Elevate your living spaces with a perfect fusion of style and functionality with Veri Shades and traditional blinds, offering a canvas for you to craft the ideal ambience for your home.

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